Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MICA's Already Going Green

SF/SC has a lot of big plans for MICA. But we're in luck; there are already many green initiatives underway on campus. So what's happening?
  • Recycling at MICA is single stream! Recyclables no longer have to be sorted by type. Instead they can all go into containers lined with clear trash bags and marked with green single-stream-recycling stickers. For detailed instructions about recycling, visit the recycling page of the MICA website.
  • Food waste and cardboard are being composted from Meyerhoff. Waste Neutral then returns some of the compost MICA to be used on landscaping.
  • The Meyerhoff has gone trayless, dramatically cutting down on the amount of food waste produced at the Meyerhoff each year.
  • Reusable take-out-trays are available at Meyerhoff as an alternative to styrofoam take-out-trays.
  • Greenware products are used at Cafe Doris and at the Java Corner. These highly biodegradable cold cups, lids and plates are made from a renewable corn-based resin.
  • The MICA store has instituted a bring-your-own-bag system, with reused plastic bags available for anyone who forgets to bring their own.
  • Zero-emissions electric vehicles are used by MICA's operations staff for day-to-day operations.
  • The bicycle racks now available across campus were installed recently to promote bicycle use.
  • The faculty, staff and students of the Sustainability Committee meet the first Friday of every month to discuss the state of sustainability on campus and plan further improvements for the campus.
  • The MICA Sustainable Food Project maintains an on-campus, edible garden. Last year, they used some Waste Neutral compost to begin the garden beds.
To read about even more green initiatives on campus, visit the sustainability page of MICA's website!

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