Friday, August 28, 2009

$10,000 Grants for Campus Sustainability Projects

If you had $10,000 at your disposal, how would you make MICA a more sustainable campus? You have two months to come up with a stellar answer. FilterForGood, Brita's campaign to convert Americans from bottled to tap water, is giving away five $10,000 grants in its FilterForGood Eco-Challenge, a competition that allows college students to get their campus sustainability projects off the ground. This is only the second year of the FilterForGood Eco-Challenge. Last years winners ranged from uber-technical plans - MIT's Solar Air Conditioning System - to down-and-dirty grass-roots activism - Harvard's plan, submitted on behalf of Massachusetts Power Shift, to send teams of bike-riding students across Massachusetts to canvas and host educational events about climate change. Rules for this year's Eco-Challenge can be found here. Submissions are due October 30th. Get dreaming.  


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